What Is Elder Law?

Elder law is the integration of the legal system with social and medical concerns for the benefit of the elderly client. It covers all aspects of planning, counseling, education, and advocating for elderly clients. An elder law lawyer is familiar with both federal and state laws which would affect the elderly client’s medical and financial well-being as well as personal wishes in legal matters. When planning an estate, an elder law attorney takes into consideration the health of the client, the potential for nursing home care, and the wishes and concerns of the client if that event were to occur. Elder law lawyers are a resource to their clients because they understand that their clients’ needs may extend beyond basic legal services and, therefore, stay informed and connected to the local networks of professionals who serve the elder population.

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Vogel Law Firm, LLC is a law practice that focuses on the needs of the elderly. Attorney Doug Vogel concentrates on law that caters to the needs of “older clients” and those with disabilities. Elder Law is defined by the clients we serve, not by the areas of law we practice. The problems facing our clients are very unique. Elder law attorneys are associated with long-term care planning and are advocates for our senior population. The areas of law associated with elder issues are: Estate Planning and Asset Protection, Wills and Trusts, Alabama Medicaid, VA benefits that can assist with elder care, Guardianship, Conservator-ship, Advance Directives for Healthcare (Living Wills), Durable Power of Attorney, Probate and Trust Administration, and Special Needs Trusts.

The “seasoning of life” involves many complex issues. Families are often faced with difficult legal, financial, physical, and medical decisions presented by the longevity of life, illness, and disability. Doug Vogel and his team desire to serve Alabama residents and their families as they negotiate the legal challenges associated with growing older. They work to streamline the process and provide assistance often during difficult times for clients and their families. In all of their legal counsel and representation, Doug and his team hold in highest regard that each client is a person of dignity and value.

Our office can help with any Elder Law questions or concerns you may have. Please contact us today at 334-409-0088.