I highly recommend Doug Vogel if you are searching for an attorney! Doug has been helping me take care of my parents’ affairs for over five years. My close friend referred me to him because he has done an excellent job of estate planning for her, and I am very glad I hired him! His expert knowledge of eldercare law has enabled me to make sure my parents were getting all the VA benefits to which they were entitled. Doug also prepared my parents’ wills and made sure everything was done properly. Doug always fills out the many confusing forms that come with taking care of elderly parents. Anytime I have a question, Doug is happy to listen to me and answer my questions thoroughly. Doug is very patient, and my parents like him, too. I had friends tell me how hard it was for them to try to take care of their elderly parents without legal help, but it has been a blessing to have Doug Vogel doing all of that work for me. Be sure to give him a call!

~ Elizabeth, daughter of Client

The team at Vogel Law Firm, LLC is a very knowledgeable, caring, experienced, professional team to handle any and all estate planning needs and then some. They were very helpful with several aspects of family assistance, both for personal assistance and for estate assistance with my father’s estate. I highly recommend Vogel Law Firm, LLC.

~ Joel, Client

Doug helped our family 10 years ago with my husband’s parents’ estate and trust accounts. Both parents were later diagnosed with Dementia, and so timing was very important to take care of everything. He is a life saver with all this. Now my husband’s father has passed, and his mother is still with us, but we are preparing for her to go into the nursing home, and it’s so comforting to know the estate is secure through Doug’s help.

~ Jeana, daughter-in-law of Client