Veterans Benefits

VA Aid and Attendance

We at Vogel Law Firm are pleased to assist many Veteran families (approximately 40%).

Many Veterans and their families are unaware of a significant benefit called the VA Enhanced Pension for Aid and Attendance.  This pension is not dependent upon service related to injuries.  It helps cover the cost of qualified un-reimbursed medical expenses including in-home care, assisted living, and nursing home care.

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The VA Enhanced Pension for Aid and Attendance is a benefit for wartime Veterans, and widows of wartime Veterans. To qualify based on one’s service, the Veteran only needs to have served ninety days or more during a time of war and received a better than dishonorable discharge.  They do not have to have served in combat. The VA pension benefit can significantly improve the quality of life for Veterans and their spouses.  One must qualify medically (have a need for assistance with the activities of daily living).  Also, one must qualify based on their financial situation and care costs.  These matters are best discussed with a VA attorney.

Douglas M. Vogel is a VA accredited attorney who has assisted many Veterans and widows of Veterans in obtaining the enhanced VA Pension for Aid and Attendance.  Doug would like to help you too and say thank you for your service to our country.

2023 Maximum VA Pension Amounts (Based on Claimant Needs)

Single Qualified Veteran
Basic Improved Pension$1,336/month
Pension with Housebound$1,633/month
Pension with A & A$2,229/month
Qualified Veteran with Spouse
Basic Improved Pension$1,749/month
Pension with Housebound$2,047/month
Pension with A & A$2,642/month
Surviving Spouse
Basic Improved Pension$  896/month
Pension with Housebound$  1,095/month
Pension with A & A$1,432/month

To find out more about this pension and to see if you or your family member qualifies please call our office today at 334-409-0088 to make your appointment.